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In-Person Classes

    All classes follow a routine composed of both structured and unstructured time. Play is at the heart of each child's day as he navigates every segment of the class. Along the way, conceptual knowledge is covered in context to facilitate acquisition, ease of mastery, and practical application in daily situations. In addition, the development of life skills such as self-regulation, effective communication, critical thinking and grit are promoted as well. Our in-person classes are designed to ensure each child feels safe, secure, confident and well-appreciated for all his efforts. 


Maximum of 6 children with 2 teachers (1:3)


Coconut (1.2 yrs. – 1.11 yrs. ) 

The Coconut Class aims to strengthen the physical skills (gross and fine motor) of toddlers and assist in identifying themselves as individuals, separate from their parents and caregivers.

Class Schedule

Monday to Friday / M-W-F : 8:15am - 10:15am

Bamboo (2.0 yrs. – 2.11 yrs.)

Aside from fine-tuning toddlers' physical skills, the Bamboo Class aims to facilitate the development of resilience, self-regulation and independence in 2-year olds.

Class Schedule

Bamboo A - Monday to Friday : 10:45am - 12:45pm

Bamboo B : Monday to Friday : 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Maximum of 6 children with 2 teachers (1:4)

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Maximum of 6 children with 2 teachers (1:4)


Cedars (3.0 yrs. – 3.11 yrs)

The Cedar Class aims to cultivate initiative in preschoolers to engage in group activities and develop budding friendships amongst themselves. Along the way, their communication skills are enhanced as they are encouraged to express themselves through both verbal (speech) and non-verbal (work output) means.

Class Schedule

Cedar A:  8:15am - 11:15a

Cedar B: 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Acacia (4's)

The Acacia Class aspires to foster industriousness in preschoolers aside from continuously promote their social communication skills. The class also aims to prepare preschoolers to transition smoothly into their kindergarten program of choice.

Class Schedule

Monday to Friday : 8:00am - 11:30am / 12:30pm-4:00pm


Maximum of 8 children with 2 teachers (1:4)

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