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Play. Recreate. Educate. Progress

   At P.R.E.P. Center Manila, children learn more effectively through active involvement with PLAY being the age-appropriate vehicle to facilitate their learning. Young children's unique learning processes are valued and the power of their creativity is recognized. At the heart of every class, program, and activity in P.R.E.P. is an opportunity for children to play and explore using all their faculties. 

Our Beliefs

  P.R.E.P. Center Manila was established by a group of experienced educators who believe in PLAY as a viable mode of learning for children ages 1 year old and 2 months to 4 years old and 11 months. Grounded by research in the field of Early Childhood Education, the school believes in and promotes the benefits of play in a dynamic environment. Children are encouraged to freely explore and recreate their experiences that enable them to acquire insight about the world and themselves. 

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